How To Become Apple Certified Technician

How To Become Apple Certified Technician

It is a great achievement for one to become Apple certified. This is because Apple seems to be a closed source company. Doing repair for these computers is not easy. People experiencing problems with their computers are often directed to the Apple store where the repairs are done.

To become apple certified you need to have the right knowledge for repairing the computer devices. You will have to learn about the ins and outs of Apple’s operating system, how to troubleshoot the problems and also how to deal with the hardware issues. Attaining Apple certification doesn’t imply that you are authorized Apple technician.

The below is a guide on how to become an apple certified technician:

1. In person classes

The procedure of gain certification is not a complex task. What you need is to make a search on google or by visiting the Apple website. You will learn that the classes are done in one of the two ways. Apple is a worldwide company, therefore, it is able to provide in-person classes which are carried in various areas of the country.

If you select in-person classes then you must attend the classes in a specific location. These classes take place for four days a week starting from 9 am to 5 pm in various fmctraining centers. Attending the classes is mandatory as missing classes may tend to derail your learning experience.

2. Online classes

Online method is the other way of learning Apple courses. Online learning is done via Apple classroom environment website which is known as the ATLAS. You need to create a tech ID in order to have access to ATLAS. After tech ID creation one is free to log into ATLAS and can register for the classes he/she would like to take.

3. Preparation

After enrollment and taking the various courses, you wish, come the tests. You have to prepare for the exam well if you want to have a chance to get apple certification. You can do this by reading each class notes carefully, come up with your own study sessions as it will help you to have a proper understanding of what you learned previously. In order to remember the key information, you should create flashcards and sometimes quiz yourself.

4. Exam

Every class has an exam that must be done to gain credit. These exams can be scheduled via the website. The exams are classified as an open resource that is one can use his/her notes and ATLAS as a resource to help him/her to answer questions in the exam. Ensure that you have completed the requirements before making the final decision on the scheduling of your exams. You have to schedule your exams correspondingly as they to be taken in a systematic way.

5. SVC-18A

The first exam that you should take is SVC-18A. It comprises of five sections totaling seventy questions which are to be answered in a time limit of two hours. Every student should score at least eighty percent and above. This exam comprises of two extra parts that are awarded marks separately from the rest of the exam. Both exams must be performed well. After completion of this exam, you will be accredited to other levels or classes.…

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